We serve young children, adolescents and adults with a variety of developmental and pervasive delays (with a specialization in Autism Spectrum Disorders and Parent Training), psychiatric diagnoses, coexisting disorders (i.e., Axis I and II diagnoses) and related behavioral health struggles. We specialize in Autism assessment and intervention with an approach that emphasizes the Verbal Behavior Model (Sundberg & Partington, 1998) based on principles consistent with ABA.

We provide the following services for children, adolescents and adults:
- Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)
- Applied Behavior Analytic Research
- Behavioral Intervention and Assessment
- Behavior Supports & Planning
- Evidenced-based Parent Training
- General consultation & Advocacy
- IEP development and teacher training
- Community Supports (1:1 teaching in the community and homes)
- Speech Therapy based on Skinner's analysis of Verbal Behavior
- School District workshops and training

We currently provide 1:1 direct therapy services for children with autism or related diagnoses on a limited basis and encourage families and organizations to rely on internal resources, (i.e., family members, caretakers, staff and related individuals) for facilitating intensive day-to-day learning opportunities. We train therapists to provide 1:1 direct therapy services for families (including ABA, OT, SLP and related services). Direct therapy services are usually provided by parents, family members, volunteers, hired therapists (e.g., BCaBAs) or agency staff who may have a Bachelor's Degree. No experience is necessary, only a desire to learn. Master's level clinicians (e.g., BCBAs) typically provide training, program design, analysis and consultation as a cost effective method of service provision.

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